Monday, December 15, 2014

Special Holiday Hours - Let's Have Some Fun!


This Friday Night
A Holiday SpectacularPresented by Eric Belnier

We have selected our favorites for the season.  
We hope you can join us this Friday from 5-8 PM
Let's Have Some Holiday Fun! 

Thank you one and all for taking the time to shop locally with us.  It makes a difference to all of the downtown merchants. Sure, it is easier to shop online - but you can't sample a new gourmet item, try a wine from a tiny town in France or actually laugh out loud reading a new card that is just right for someone special on your list.

This is the local connection - and we thank you.

Special Items
Have Arrived For The Holidays.

On Our Shelves Now

We have too many things to list here. But those of you that know us have seen the variety of unique items that we have. Stocking Stuffers in every category.  One of a kind things that will make your family and friends smile. Please join us this Friday and take a good look around.
Only 600 Cases Produced

Only 5 Six-Packs in Connecticut.   
We have one of them.

The pinnacle wine for Terlato Vineyards, EPISODE stands shoulder to shoulder with
the very best Bordeaux Blends in the world.

The Terlato family makes this Bordeaux blend of classic varietals from the best Napa Valley fruit. Made with a focus on quality from select fruit that meets the highest standards, EPISODE stands out as truly elegant wine-a classic.

EPISODE is crafted in very limited quantities.

For the wine appreciator in your life - a very special gift.
At a special holiday price.

Normal Price  $199
Email Price    $169 


This is the time to order your cheese platters and gourmet specialties. Make your entertaining easy.

We will have several to sample this Friday night.

We Have What It takes

We love trying to get hard to find items.
And we have a pretty good success rate.
Don't be afraid to ask if you don't see it.
We will put our top people on it.

RSVP Line:  860-443-6817
No Charge - All rsvp events start at 6:00pm  

Wednesday December 17 - RSVP Required
Italy - The Wines Of Conte Vistarino
6:00 PM presented by Ted Brown Vinifera Wines

Friday December 19th
Eric Belnier - Monsieur Touton Selections

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Closed Christmas Day

Friday 26th -
Wine store open
Flower Shop Closed

Saturday 27th -
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New Years Day
Both Stores Closed

Friday January 2nd
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Very Coole Night - Go Big!

TRG Santa Moon

15 days banner

This Friday Night
A Visit From The Coole Swan Team
We will be tasting several items on Friday Night.
But a featured slot goes to Coole Swan.

Coole Swan is an all natural cream liqueur made with Irish Whiskey, Belgian White Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla and Double Cream - what's not to like?

The Coole Swan Team will be presenting this addictive potion and making for a generally upbeat and festive night in the store. 
In addition - we will be pouring wine from the Allen S. Goodman portfolio.

  6 Liter Bottle - $235
3 Liter Bottle - $135 
Chateau Larose Trintaudon 
A real "WOW" gift  for
clients, new home, new baby...

These are large format bottles that are packed in wooden cases. 6 liters equals about 8 bottles.

RATED 91 points, Wine Journal:
The Larose-Trintaudon 2009 has a very refined, "classic" bouquet with sous-bois (a French term that refers to a forest-floor or undergrowth note), tobacco and broody dark fruits. The delineation is terrific. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine tannins, great tension with crisp black, mineral-laden fruits on the finish. Bon vin!"

"Larose Trintaudon is a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. A particularly attractive and charming wine, with fragrant strawberry and black cherry fruit as well as hints of wood smoke and spice box. It is medium-bodied, soft, silky and ideal for drinking over the next 5-6 years.

What is so striking about 2009 - and I haven't really seen this kind of excitement since 1982 - is the quality of the cru bourgeois and the petits vins and generic Bordeaux that are available." - Robert Parker

Highly Allocated
Just Three Bottles Left
Our yearly shipment of CLIO has arrived.
First come, first served.  

Looking for a consistently over-achieving, full-bodied red?
How about this for a track record (all scores from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate): 2003 - 96 points; 2004 - 97 points; 2005 - 95 points; 2006 - 95 points; 2007 - 94 points, 2008 - 94 points, 2009 - 90 points. The wine is comprised of 70% Old Vine Monastrell and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon that was barrel-aged for 22-26 months in French and American oak.
It bears Clio's hallmark opulence, with bold aromas and flavors, a thick, dense palate, and long finish. The wine is rich with roasted berry and cassis aromas and flavors, with accents of anise and espresso. A powerful, decadent wine.

The Bruichladdich Tasting    

Last Wednesday was a treat - thanks to everyone that made it a success.

We represent the full Bruichladdich ( Brook-Laddie) line.
On our shelves now - even the rare "Black Art."
A perfect gift.



The Spirit of Mortimer

"This year's Boss Hog has been selected from among our oldest and most unique barrels - Bond 77. Bond 77 entered wood on April 5, 2001. As part of a quadruple barrel aging process, the Spirit of Mortimer spent nearly 14 years in a combination of new American oak, and early use bourbon barrels.

Bottled at cask-strength, the Spirit of Mortimer represents our purest, most powerful, and most primordial expression of the world's finest rye."

The Boss Hog claimed a coveted Double Gold at the 2014
San Francisco Spirits Competition.

On The Shelf Now - very limited.  
cheese banner
This is the time to order your cheese platters and gourmet specialties. Make your entertaining easy.

We will have several to sample this Friday night.

RSVP Line:  860-443-6817
No Charge - All rsvp events start at 6:00pm  

Wednesday December 10th - RSVP Required
Anthony Terlato via Skype
skype logo
6:00 PM - Terlato Wines
The exceptional quality of the Terlato portfolio is underscored by more than 900 90+ reviews form leading wine publications since 2010 -
More 90+ ratings than any wine company in the world.   
Friday December 12
John Orfice - Allan S. Goodman Selections
Coole Swan

Wednesday December 17 - RSVP Required
Italy - The Wines Of Conte Vistarino
6:00 PM presented by Ted Brown Vinifera Wines

Friday December 19th
Eric Belnier - Monsieur Touton Selections

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pre Thanksgiving Specials

Turkeys to Mexico with shadow

The Pre-Thanksgiving Tasting
Friday 5-8 PM - No Charge
Please Join Us

Drink Different. We say it all of the time. And this Friday night we have a very interesting selection for you to sample. A particular favorite is the story of Monsieur Marcel Deiss. A true character - that makes exceptional wine.
Domaine Marcel Deiss is a mid-size estate (27 hectares) located in Bergheim near Ribeauvillé in Alsace. It is a deeply-rooted family estate as the Deiss ancestors can be traced in the village back in 1744.

Under the guidance of Jean-Michel Deiss, the vineyards have been gradually turned organic, then farmed along the biodynamic method since 2003. The wines of Marcel Deiss are acclaimed for their terroir differentiation more than their variety characteristics, and Jean-Michel Deiss' passion for this terroir expression led him to reconsider the single variety system which is considered as the rule in Alsace.

All of the wines featured this Friday night have genuinely fascinating stories behind them. We hope you can start your weekend with us here in New London. Meet your friends here, try a little wine and cheese, and then head off to dinner at one of the new restaurants that have opened downtown. New London is buzzing.

Please Join Us This Friday
Presented By Tom Belcher
Martin Scott Wines 

 Marcel Deiss    

Alsace is a unique landscape sculpted by both rivers and volcanic events, but bearing the unmistakable and essential traces of a more ancient geological past as the bottom of a wide ocean. It is no wonder that the wines of this region are like nowhere else on earth, and it is no wonder that the winemakers of this region are some of the most unique characters in the world of wine.
Jean-Michel Deiss is one of those characters. Deiss, along with his partner Marie-Hélène Cristofaro, run Domaine Marcel Deiss, started by Jean-Michel's father in 1947. The domaine's namesake, Marcel Deiss, was the direct descendant of a family of winegrowers who settled in the Alsace town of Bergheim in 1744 when it was part of France (arriving before it was part of Germany, and then part of France, and then part of Germany, and then part of France again -- over the next 300 years).
Deiss is quite possibly at once both the "essential" Alsatian winemaker -- for his tireless advocacy of the region's potential and the incredible quality of his wines -- and yet also the black sheep of the region who never quite does things the way anyone else does or thinks they should be done. He's just sort of troublemaker I enjoy and is a magnet for criticism over any number of different things.
Deiss' wines defy description in many ways. Their flavors transcend categories and grape varieties, and end up being astonishingly unique expressions of a place and vintage. They are as idiosyncratic as they are delicious, and remain some of my favorite wines in the world. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Please try them this Friday.

Le Bec Fin   
Domaine Tardieu-Laurent was established in 1994.
It is a partnership between Dominique Laurent, a former pattisier (and with the girth to go with it) and one of the hottest names in Burgundy, and Michel Tardieu, a dynamic young winemaker.

Tardieu-Laurent is an extremely unusual operation
in that they are a négociant only, buying young wines from growers all over the Rhône, which they mature and blend before bottling.
They own no vineyards and don't buy grapes, only wine.
Tardieu-Laurent Les Becs Fins  
Tardieu-Laurent is very much an "artisan" producer, making between half a dozen and 20 or so barrels of each wine. The majority of the wines are from the southern Rhône although superb cuvees of Cote Rôtie and Hermitage are also produced. The wines are all aged in small oak casks (often 100% new) and bottled with no fining nor filtration. Michel Tardieu proclaims himself as a confirmed terroirist, insisting that his aim with each appellation is to express powerfully the fruit and sense of place, never masking these factors with wood. 

"An outstanding Côtes du Rhône, the 2009 Les Becs Fins is a tank aged blend of mainly Grenache, yet with smaller components of Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault. Very fresh and pure, with excellent aromas of raspberry, candied violets, licorice, and mineral, the wine hits the palate with a medium-bodied, silky texture, great acidity, and plenty of length and polish on the finish.
Barco Reale di Carmignano 
Barco Reale di Carmignano is a red-wine DOC of Tuscany, Italy's most famous wine region. The title was granted in 1994. Barco Reale means 'the Royal Park' and is a reference to the Barco Reale Mediceo, a 4000-acre game reserve established by the de' Medici family in the 17th century.

The park was surrounded by a high wall which stretched for almost 31 miles around its periphery. The relationship between the wine and the park is not entirely clear, however.


The wine's origins can be traced back as far as the 14th Century, when, in 1369, a document was drawn up demonstrating that Carmignano was four times as expensive as any other wine of the time. In the early 1700s the Grand Duke Cosimo III de' Medici established the area of Carmignano as a nursery for grape varieties, which included the planting of internationally renowned Cabernet Sauvignon imported from France. He also issued a decree controlling the wine's production standards and sales, enforced by the Congregazione di Vigilanza.

Take a sip of Italian history this Friday night.

Stuff We Love:

Costiolo - A Quintessential Quaffer   

This is one of those wines that make you forget about the concept of the 100 point wine.  for those of us wine lovers that are serious about wine it is nice to find a wine that brings us back to what we first enjoyed about this magical elixir, wine aka- fermented grape juice.

A very light and refreshing wine that is slightly sweet and slightly frizzante, aromas of cherry and raspberry fruit with highlights of fresh rose petal, floral aromas.  This wine has a nice freshness on the tongue with an abundance of sweet berry fruit and a nice touch of spritz to leave the tongue refreshed and ready for the next sip.  Serve this wine slightly chilled and watch the bottle disappear.

Roundhouse Spirits - Pumpkin King Cordial   

Pumpkin King Cordial is an all-natural artisan liqueur made with fresh roasted Munson Farms pie pumpkins, award-winning Roundhouse Gin, and traditional spices.  Only 5 miles from the fields to the distillery ... that's as local as it gets!

The balance between pumpkin flavor, sweetness, and spices is a delicate dance that distiller Ted Palmer successfully achieves with his twenty years of experience.  Ted experimented for three years before perfecting this recipe.  Pumpkin King Cordial is made at 60 proof with enough explosive pumpkin flavor to accommodate non-alcoholic mixers in beautiful cocktails.
SILVER MEDAL, 2014 Denver International Spirits Festival

Rain City Spirits - DRIP
"Drip" Coffee Liqueur
Seattle Coffee + Rain City Spirits = Drip.
This unique coffee liqueur redefines what you know as coffee liqueur.

"Drip begins with a unique blend of coffee roasted by Seattle's top artisan roasters. We then use a proprietary brew method to extract as much flavor as possible from the coffee while leaving behind the bitterness and acidity.
The coffee is then finished with our Rain City Spirits and just a touch of pure cane sugar...that's it. Think of an iced Americano with a kick. At Rain City Spirits we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe it is time for spirits to get back to their roots. We do this by throwing out the traditional "rules" of  Liqueur production, and focusing strictly on quality and keeping to a sense of place."

Each step in the creation of Rain City Spirits  is carefully thought out with the end goal of simply producing the best products possible.
This philosophy combined with the amazing natural resources Washington provides allows them to create the most unique and amazing Coffee Liqueur you will ever taste."

Gluhwein - Drink this all season long   

Glühwein is the German version of what the English call "mulled wine." It's basically a spiced red wine served warm (usually spiced with ingredients such as cinnamon, sugar, cloves, vanilla, and lemon peel). This type of wine seems to be popular throughout Europe and is known by a different name in every country!

This is really just the perfect drink for this season as it helps to keep you nice and toasty on the inside and rosy on the outside. Imagine yourself in southern Germany walking through a beautiful Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkts), holding a steaming cup of this wine in your hands as you peruse the market's wares.

It comes in a large, 1-liter bottle, and it's best served warm. Honestly, a warm glass of this on a blustery winter day will melt all your troubles away!

 What does it taste like? You can definitely taste the citrus in this as well as that generous splash of cinnamon. It's also nice and sweet, it is definitely a drink to sip slowly and enjoy. Enjoy with friends after a night out in the cold or just save it for yourself to drink over several days.

Flowers Perennial - In Stock For The Holidays   

"For over 20 years, Flowers has been devoted to and inspired by Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast with a strong commitment to purity and terroir.  Since all of our Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are 100% varietal wines we do not normally have the opportunity to blend varieties.  However, Perennial is a unique and captivating blend that was first introduced with the 1997 vintage and has been consistently crafted with the same dedication as our varietal wines.  It is intended to challenge style and intrigue the mind.  As with our inaugural vintage, in 2010 we have searched out eclectic vineyard sites closest to the California coastline to find the varieties that contribute to our targeted blend style.

Perennial is a red blend that is intended to drink a lot like a Pinot Noir with a broader fruit profile but the same balanced acidity, fresh flavors, and soft round tannins.  With Pinot Noir and Syrah at its core, Perennial combines elegance and finesse with spicy depth and complexity.   
Pinot Meunier  and Dolcetto, can contribute to the blend as well as Chardonnay which marries flavors, provides a lift to the fruit and extends the finish.   Each plays a supporting role bringing the blend together representing a "Flowers style" for the given vintage - every year unique.   

We hope you enjoy and experience the subtle differences from vintage to vintage as the blend will always be a discovery and exploration of flavor."

This is a wine that is perfect for a gift or on the holiday table. You can present this to your guest's or host with complete confidence. 

The Ultimate Whiskey Cocktails in a Bottle

We all love a good cocktail, but sometimes you just aren't in the position to make a cocktail at the drop of a hat. Sure, cocktails have been bottled before, but they haven't ever really been comparable to what your favorite bartender whips up for you. Until now.

Fluid Dynamics has released cocktails aged in barrels, and they are pretty spectacular, maybe even more spectacular than the drinks that your favorite bartender makes for you (ingredients have a chance to merge and become a richer whole because of the aging process).

With options including The Saratoga, The St. Nick, the Brandy Manhattan, and the 1850 Cocktail there are plenty of options to
keep even the biggest cocktail aficionado satisfied too.

They come in "cocktail sized" bottles too - super convenient.
Ask for a sample this Friday.

Lavender Fromage Blank

We just got in a limited run of Nettle Meadow's Honey-Lavender Fromage Blank unsalted goat cheese from Warrensburg, NY. It's a delicious and perfect blend of honey and just a touch of lavender that absolutely melts on your tongue. You have got to try this on Friday night.

Epoisses cheese needs five to eight weeks to mature and during this period requires attentive and regular manual attention. It is as Spring finishes that it is especially tasty as it has been made with milk produced when the cows were first turned out to grass, or at the beginning of Winter because it has been made with rich and aromatic milk, produced by cows pasturing on the new growth of autumn...

The nose is strong, with a good bouquet and aromas of the undergrowth. In the mouth, its body is supple, creamy, and never too strong. Its taste is straightforward, subtle and balanced, with light notes of dry fruits. When the Epoisses is properly matured and slightly runny, you will really enjoy this inimitable cheese, in the full bloom of maturity.

Traditional Chevrot

Aperfectly ripe Chevrot could make a convert out of the most reluctant goat cheese eater. Creamy, even molten under the rind, yet firm and velvety smooth at the heart, a Chevrot in its prime is a peak experience. Many people find goat cheese too tart, too chalky or too downright goaty, but Chevrot is none of the above. Made by a century-old cooperative in the Poitou region of western France, just south of Brittany, Chevrot reflects expert cheesemaking. 

buzing fly



Friday November 7th
Tom Belcher - Martin Scott Wines

Friday November 21st
Eric Bellnier - M. Touton Selections

Wednesday November 26 - mid day tasting before Thanksgiving 
Ryan Connolly - Michael Skurnik Wines

Friday December 12
John Orfice - Allan S. Goodman Selections

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Tasting Please Join Us

The Halloween Tasting
Friday 5-8 PM - No Charge
Please Join Us

Located in Sant' Angelo in Colle in the commune of Montalcino, Tenuta Il Poggione was established at the end of the 19th century by Lavinio Franceschi and is still owned today by the 5th generation of its founder, siblings Leopoldo and Livia Franceschi.

Tenuta Il Poggione is one of the original three producers of Brunello di Montalcino. The estate covers a surface area of 1,482 acres, of which 309 acres are planted to vine, 173 acres with olive groves and the rest are arable and woodland used for grazing and raising cattle and pigs to promote biodiversity and a natural approach to farming. Many of the vines are grown at more than 1,315 feet above sea level and are among the oldest in the appellation. The estate is also blessed by its proximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea (about 30 minutes distance by car) to the west and the Orcia River Valley and Mt. Amiata in the south.

Led by father-son winemaking team, Fabrizio and Alessandro Bindocci, Il Poggione's guiding principle is to pay meticulous attention to the vineyards with regular monitoring of vineyard conditions along with constant efforts to preserve the typical characteristics yet improve grape quality through research and selection. Harvest is conducted entirely by hand and the wine is made in the traditional method, though modern, state-of-the-art equipment is used. Total control of the vinification process is guaranteed, thanks to the new cellar built in 2004 and the introduction of extremely advanced technology, but as tradition is important, the company keeps the large Allier French oak barrels used for aging its wines five meters below ground.

Please Join Us This Friday  For Halloween
Presented By Bob Neville
World Wide Wines 

Mazzoni Pinot Grigio 

A Tuscan Pinot Grigio created by two distinguished winemaking families; Franceschi from Italy and Terlato from the United States. The partnership between Italy's Franceschi family and the Terlato family has flourished for more than 35 years when the Terlato's began importing their world-class Brunellos to the United States.
MAZZONI is made from hand-harvested 100% Pinot Grigio and each family brings its expertise to the making of this wine. It is crafted at a state-of-the-art winery in the prestigious Montalcino zone, and is the perfect confluence of old and new world techniques guided by the desire to create world class wine today, and for future generations.
Flavors of citrus fruit and tropical fruit. On the palate it is fresh, with a mineral note which underlines its savory tones.  


Il Poggione Rosso di Montalcino  
Il Poggione is one of the most highly regarded Brunello di Montalcino producers with a rich history and reputation for stylistic consistency. This is a younger, more accessible version of Brunello, but already very well-developed with a strong character, Rosso di Montalcino is a very important wine for Tenuta Il Poggione.  

Produced entirely from Sangiovese grapes from the youngest of the estate's vineyards, Rosso di Montalcino is matured for 12 months in large barrels before undergoing a period of bottle aging. Some have called this a "Baby Brunello."
Very well structured, mellow, long lasting flavor with smooth, velvety tannins.  


Nipozzano Riserva   
Nipozzano Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG is on of the historic wines produced at the Castello di Nipozzano.  

Nipozzano Riserva is a lovely ruby-red. The nose opens with dark wild berries and cherry, hints of candy floss and pleasant floral notes of lilac and chocolate. The spicy component emerges with nuances of clove and green peppercorn. The palate is characterized by a distinct tactile approach in which the stamp of the terroir is underlined by a lively minerality. The tannin texture is tight but not sharp which is also an expression of the uniqueness of the soils of Nipozzano. The finish returns to the intense fruity notes already identified on the nose.

This wine has a silky richness that is hard to describe. Please try it on Friday night.

Stuff We Love:
The Ultimate Whiskey Cocktails in a Bottle

We all love a good cocktail, but sometimes you just aren't in the position to make a cocktail at the drop of a hat. Sure, cocktails have been bottled before, but they haven't ever really been comparable to what your favorite bartender whips up for you. Until now.

Fluid Dynamics has released cocktails aged in barrels, and they are pretty spectacular, maybe even more spectacular than the drinks that your favorite bartender makes for you (ingredients have a chance to merge and become a richer whole because of the aging process).

With options including The Saratoga, The St. Nick, the Brandy Manhattan, and the 1850 Cocktail there are plenty of options to
keep even the biggest cocktail aficionado satisfied too.

They come in "cocktail sized" bottles too - super convenient.
Ask for a sample this Friday.


Just Another Gin?
"Certainly Not! Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe for gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, from whom our Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. MONKEY 47 - Distilled from 47 predominantly unusual but regional botanicals such as lingonberries and blended with natural spring water. Cheers!"

Ask for a sample this Friday night -
Forget What You Thought You Knew About Gin.

Low Gap Whiskey  

Low Gap California Whiskey is made exclusively from malted Bavarian winter wheat, which has a high protein content and is ideal for fermentation. Once the wheat has been malted and mashed, it is fermented into a craft beer with an 8.8% ABV. Following fermentation, the wash is twice distilled in an antique 15-hectoliter cognac still. After distillation, the whiskey is aged in three different types of barrels: new American oak casks, 350-liter French Limousin oak barrels that were previously used to age brandy, and used American oak barrels that were previously used to mature Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon.

After the whiskey has aged for a minimum of two years, it is brought to proof using rainwater and bottled by hand. The whisky has an oaky aroma, with touches of grain, vanilla and apples. The aroma fades into notes of sweet caramel, red fruits and berries on the palate, and ultimately leads to a finish accented by raisins, prunes and plums. The whiskey earned the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013.

Jasper Hill Moses Sleeper

Jasper Hill Farm, the expansive dairy project hatched by brothers Mateo and Andy Kehler, was first established in Greensboro, Vermont, during the summer of 2002. With their small herd of Ayrshire cows, the Kehlers began to make an array of cheeses that would soon bring them renown, including a soft, bloomy-rinded barrel called Constant Bliss and the savory, Stilton-esque Bayley Hazen Blue.

Inspired by French Brie, Moses Sleeper is named for a Revolutionary War scout who was killed while helping to defend Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. 
The cheese has a thin bloomy-rind and a soft, milky core that offers an array of flavors at peak ripeness: cauliflower, crème fraîche and toasted nuts.  

Swiss Nufenen
The milk for the Nufenen comes from alpage herds, which is to say that the Braunvieh cows are brought up into the mountains in the summer, to graze on the unique blend of grasses, herbs and other flora found in the rolling alpine pastures, during which time these seasonal cheeses are fabricated. 

The flavor is buttery, nutty and fruity, a little bit of a "spicy" personality as the name implies - although it's not spicy in the sense of hot but more of an herbal, complex quality - with meaty, hazelnut and caramelized onion notes and a subtle barnyard pungency on the finish.  




Friday October 31st - Halloween
Bob Neville - World Wide Wines

Friday November 7th
Tom Belcher - Martin Scott Wines

Wednesday November 12
Edward Brown - Vinifera

Friday November 21st
Eric Bellnier - M. Touton Selections

Wednesday November 26 
Ryan Connolly - Michael Skurnik Wines